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High performance cleaner for buildings /
Degerming and eodorizer

① Deodorant sterilization electrolyzed hypochlorite
"Aqua lily"

● Due to the recent new coronavirus, alcohol is insufficient, and it is attracting attention as a substitute.

● The pH, which is the standard for safety, is neutral at 7.5 to 8.2, so it is safe and secure.
 ⇒It is gentle on the skin and can be used safely by women and children.

● Can be used in various places.
 ⇒ Offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc.

● In addition to hand disinfection and partial deodorization, space sterilization with a dedicated ultrasonic sprayer is also possible.
 ⇒ countermeasure cluster.

● It has been confirmed that it is effective not only against influenza and O-157, but also against norovirus.

②Modular bath cleaner
"Million Ultimate Raku-Raku"

● Sebum stains can be removed simply by spraying detergent.

● Can clean the unit bath with this one. (It can be used not only in bathtubs but also in washbasins and toilets.)

● Since foaming is suppressed, rinsing time in the shower can be greatly reduced.
 ⇒ Work efficiency is greatly improved.

Application part

③ Rust preventive film generation type rust remover
"BYM Clean"

● Rust removal and rust prevention are possible in one process without damaging the coating film.
 ⇒Can be used not only for removing rust but also as a paint base.

● Work is completed with a simple process of applying with a brush.

● No need for washing process, just wipe after work.

● The places of use are the outer walls of buildings, bridges, ships, etc.

working state

30minites later

The less rust on surface  , the better the finish appearance . Also, the effect is improved when the temperature is high.

④Commercial strong liquid laundry detergent
"Clean Monster Cho-Sen"

● Used for washing towels and mops. Unlike powder detergent, there is no problem of undissolved residue in cold water.

● With high washing and deodorant power, it does not smell unpleasant germs even when it is dried indoors.

● Can be used for hand washing

● The cost of washing each time is low and the cost can be reduced, making it ideal for sites where a large amount of laundry is performed in a day.

After washing

Before washing

Ex. Golf course, Hairdressing and beauty trade and Hospital etc..

⑤Urinary stone removal tablet
"Mini Zo-San"

● Ideal for eliminating urinal odors and pipe clogging in men's toilets.

● Urine stones, which are the cause of foul odors, can be removed simply by putting tablets in the trap.

● There is no need to discontinue use of the toilet after launching the tablet.

● It takes about 1 day to dissolve in the trap and remove urinary stones.

● Unlike strong acid type liquid urinary stone remover, it is also gentle on piping.

Before using

working state

After working

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