Company name Million Chemical Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location 12-41, Hiroshiba-cho, Suita, Osaka 564-0052, Japan


web site https://www.million-k.co.jp/
Business outline

・Research, development, sales of metal surface treatment agents

・Surface treatment, coating, design & sales of drainage processing plant

・Sales of drainage processing agents

・Manufacturing & sales of Building cleaning-related agents

・Thermo-mechanical treatment (QPQ Processing)

・Surface treatment processing

・Production of rolling oil

・Coating operations

・Building cleaning business

Established February, 1957
Capital 80 million Yen
Employee 92 (May, 2019)

Hirotaka Yamamoto, President

Kouichi Konami, Director

Motohiro Yamamoto, Director

Yasumasa Fukuda, Director

Hayato Hosogane, Auditor

Offices Head Office/Osaka
Offices/Kanto, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama, Fukuoka
Technical Research & Development Center/Osaka
Factories/Settsu Factory, Senboku Factory
Tie-up companies Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd.
Million Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. (in Taiwan)
Main banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd. MHBK, Esaka Br.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Suita Br.
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Ibarakiekimae
Br.The Kita Osaka Shinkin Bank, Shojaku Br.
Main customers Panasonic Corporation, Honda R & D Co., Ltd.,Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.,Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.


February, 1957 Founded with capital of 1.25 million Yen in Tagawa-dori, Higashiyodogawa, Osaka in February, 1957
January, 1961 Increased capital up to 2.5 million Yen in January, 1961
June, 1961

Increased capital up to 5 million Yen in June, 1961

Made technical/sales tie-up with Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd., and established Sales Offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka

September, 1963

Increased Capital up to 10 million Yen

Diversified each operation by relocating Head office, Factory, Technical Center to Shojaku, Settsu, Osaka

July, 1969

Increased capital up to 20 million Yen in July, 1969

Established Sales Office in Onomichi covering Sanyo/Shikoku areas

April, 1972

Made business tie-up with Million Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. (in Taiwan) in April, 1972

October, 1974

Increased capital up to 50 million Yen in October, 1974

Purchased site for Senboku Factory in oceanfron, Sakai

November, 1976 Increased capital up to 80 million Yen in November, 1976
April, 1979

Built factory in Senboku seaside industrial area, Sakai and relocate chemical factory to Tsuruno, Settsu in April, 1979

January, 1981 Established and started heat-treatment operation Div. in Senboku Factory in January, 1981
June, 1988

Relocated Tokyo Sales Office to Toda, Saitama and provide technical function in response to demands from Kanto area in June, 1988

January, 1990 Built new wing of Head Office and Technical Center in January, 1990
September, 1988

Made business tie-up with HyunDae Hwasung Industrial Co., Ltd. (in Korea) in September, 1988

September, 1990 Established Nagoya Sales Office anew in Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya in September, 1990 covering technical function in response to demands from Chukyo area
August, 1991 Added ISONITE facilities of Senboku Factory in August, 1991
Aug, 1993 Established new factory & Delivery Center in Torikai, Settsu to enhance productivities/operations in Aug, 1993
December, 1998 Acquired ISO 9001 certification in Rolling lubricant oil manufacturing Div. of Senboku Factory in December, 1998
December, 2004 Acquired ISO 9001 certification in ISONITE Div. of Senboku Factory and Settsu Factory in December, 2004
August, 2009 Acquired ISO 14001 certification in all Sales Offices in August, 2009
November, 2010 Acquired ISO 9001 certification in Technical Headquarter in November, 2010
June, 2016 Won Japanese Magnesium Association award "Technical prize" in June, 2016
June, 2017 Mr. Tanabe (ex. President) was appointed as Vice-chairman of Japan Magnesium Association in June, 2017
October, 2017

Completed registration of building cleaning business in October, 2017

January, 2018 Closed Hiroshima Office and opened Okayama Office anew in January, 2018
April, 2018 Became consolidated subsidiary of Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd. In April, 2018
July, 2018 Acquired ISO 9001 :2015 in July, 2018
August, 2018 Acquired ISO 14001 :2015 in August, 2018
Jan, 2021 Relocated head office to Hiroshiba-cho,Suita.

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